Amazonian Shaman Leopaldo Yawa Bane On The Growing Popularity of Ayahuasca

20 Jun 2019


“I believe that the issue of Ayahuasca is, in essence, an issue of human rights: as humans of this earth I believe that we all have the right to seek healing from the natural plants that we share this planet with; and as Indians and stewards of our lands, and guardians of our medicinal plants, I believe that it is our right to be able to travel and administer these cures without fear of persecution.”

In this special testimony on, Kaxinawá shaman Leopardo Yawa Bane, from Rio Jordão in the Amazonian state of Acre in the Brazilian Amazon shares his impressions after his first visit and invitation as speaker to a Western Psychedelic Science conference presented by MAPS and The Beckley Foundation, in Oakland, California last year. “For 500 years we have been traumatized and, now, thanks to ayahuasca, we are finally gaining attention and respect—but only to be largely ignored at such a prestigious and monumental conference is highly traumatic”, says Yawa Bane.

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