The Third Eye Relaunches From The Amazon Rainforest

Spirit-in-Chief's Letter

21 Jun 2019

Sunset over the Maranon river, Peruvian Amazon. Photo Sophie Pinchetti

 Dear Friends,

After falling madly in love with the Amazon, The Third Eye is reactivating. Nearly three years ago and following many dreams, The Third Eye moved its headquarters from the concrete jungles of London city to the magical jungles of the Amazon rainforest in Peru, and now in Ecuador.

Living, being and dreaming in the lungs of our world has been an incessant source of inspiration for The Third Eye. The Amazon rainforest has fuelled this editorial relaunch, and new Third Eye contributors include Peruvian avant-garde Amazonian artists Christian Bendayan and Brus Rubio, Shipibo shamans Americo and Olga Lopez, Kukama activist Leonardo Tello Imaina, and Kichwa activist Nina Gualinga from the Ecuadorian Amazon.



How is it that the Amazon has inspired The Third Eye so greatly? There could be no other place on Earth for The Third Eye to be based right now (and perhaps forever). Connecting with the Amazon, its universe and the incredible people defending it has defined the past three years. The Amazon is also intensely alive with a spirit and magic which has been forgotten or lost in the industrialized world.


Ecuadorian Amazon at night, indigneous Waorani territory, Pastaza region. Photo Sophie Pinchetti


“From time immemorial, we have sustained a practice of connecting ourselves to the spirit life of the forest through our dreams. The dream reality is the true reality, and it is what guides our daily lives. […] Dreams give us life. When we dream, our souls enter in the communication with the vast universe of other souls that make up the cosmos; if we stop dreaming, we will become mere soulless things, dead to the world”.
– Sapara Indigenous People

The words above are those of the indigenous Sapara people from the Ecuadorian Amazon, a small tribe of just 500 fighting to protect their forest, culture and ancestral knowledge in the face of threats including big oil, mining companies, and industrialization.

It is to them, and to all the beautiful, powerful, rebellious and magical visible and invisible beings working to help protect and preserve the delicate balance of the natural world and our climate that The Third Eye dedicates this letter and relaunch to.


With Magic From the Amazon,

Sophie Pinchetti
Spirit-in-Chief of The Third Eye Magazine


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