Spirit-in-Chief’s Letter FROM THE PERUVIAN AMAZON

After A Period Of Retreat, The Third Eye Reports From The Amazon

9 Jul 2018

Sunset over the Maranon river, Peruvian Amazon. Photo Sophie Pinchetti



Dear Friends,

It’s been a year and half out living and working out here, and already there is not one micro-millimeter of The Third Eye that has not been transformed by the Amazon, this magical, vibrant, insanely beautiful, life-giving, and irreplaceable rainforest.

It is a true and great love.


Thanks to The Third Eye’s current geographical base in the Amazon – in Iquitos, Peru, to be more precise – this editorial relaunch is Amazon-fuelled.

Upcoming stories share inspiring contributor’s voices from countries such as Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador. We’ll also be hearing the latest from the Standing Rock movement in North America. Contributors include Peruvian avant-garde Amazonian artists such as Christian Bendayan and Brus Rubio, and inspiring indigenous activists, storytellers and artists such as youth leader Nina Gualinga from the Kichwa tribe in the Ecuadorian Amazon, and Native American photographer Josue Rivas in the USA.


Cosmovision of the indigenous Kukama people, a painted mural in the offices of indigenous media Radio Ucamara, Nauta, Peruvian Amazon. Photo Sophie Pinchetti


According to the cosmovisions of many indigenous peoples, the Amazon rainforest is alive with spirit.


The Third Eye feels this and is grateful to have experienced profound connecting to the rainforest and healing with the master plant of Uni (Ayahuasca) in the Shipibo shamanic tradition. These rivers and forests are full of ancient secrets, stories and souls. These rivers and forests are full of magic, wisdom, and healing. And these rivers and forests are also full of pain, sorrow and death. The extractivist and capitalist age we live in is defined by violence against the Earth in the name of so-called progress and development. Every day, through the exploitation, abuses and short-sightedness of big foreign interests and corporations, the Amazon verges closer to being irreparably destroyed.


View from my tambo at The Temple of The Way of Light in the Peruvian Amazon. Thanks to my work with The Chaikuni Institute, I have been able to visit the Temple many times. Photo Sophie Pinchetti


May we hear the Amazon’s call to awaken from our forgetfulness, and listen to our Mother Earth’s urge to remember that we are part of the natural world, the Living Earth and connected to the Amazon no matter where we live in the world.

The dominant worldview of today’s society reduces nature to a commodity and our sense of self to the ego, and holds a firm hypnosis on our world. But we are something much greater: we are part of an interconnected web of life and the natural world. Increasingly, it becomes clearer that our planet’s ecological crisis is essentially a spiritual one.

To change the story, we must change the dream.


Plant healer maestra Laura from the Shipibo tribe in the Peruvian Amazon. Photo Sophie Pinchetti


Indigenous peoples, the wisdom keepers and ancient guardians of the natural world have a profound understanding of the power of dreaming and its influence on reality. It is standing in solidarity and alliance with indigenous peoples, and all those dreaming and creating a sustainable future based upon reciprocity and respect that The Third Eye is reborn, thoroughly infused with the magic of the Amazon rainforest.

“From time immemorial, we have sustained a practice of connecting ourselves to the spirit life of the forest through our dreams. The dream reality is the true reality, and it is what guides our daily lives. […] Dreams give us life. When we dream, our souls enter in the communication with the vast universe of other souls that make up the cosmos; if we stop dreaming, we will become mere soulless things, dead to the world”.
– Sapara Tribe

It is a blessing to write you this Editor’s Letter from the Beloved Amazon rainforest itself.

Let’s dream, and be active dreamers, so that as we dream, we also create and do.
The Earth cannot wait any longer for us to awaken,

We can dream our world anew.


With Magic,

Sophie Pinchetti
Spirit-in-Chief of The Third Eye Magazine




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