Have A Sexy Christmas On Planet Earth

A personalised present by Fuck For Forest this holiday

12 Dec 2013

FFF activists and lovers, Dany Devero & Natty.
FFF activists and lovers, Dany Devero & Natty. Image courtesy FFF


Dear Friends,

We invite you to support Fuck For Forest, the world’s first eco-porn organisation! Back in July, The Third Eye had a great meeting with FFF, and decided to interview them and feature them in the new issue of The Third Eye, which is out now (find out how to get a copy here!)

If you’re wondering what ecological projects FFF supports, read the article in The Third Eye’s new issue here.

If there was ever a time to find some innovative solutions and approaches to ecological work and fund-raising, it’s most definitely now! FFF are radically different from any other other ecological organisation, and while their sexualised approach may ruffle its share of feathers, The Third Eye definitely thinks it’s time to diversify our approaches to saving the environment and to create new forms of public engagement. FFF is one approach, amongst what will hopefully soon burgeon to be a kaleidoscope of environmental movements that integrate art and media in new and exciting ways.



Artwork by Fuck For Forest activists and lovers.
Artwork by Fuck For Forest activists and lovers.




It has once again come to this time of the year where people get this strange need to buy stuff for friends and family. That is how capitalism works… Actually our life would have been perfectly fine without a lot of these so-called gifts that we buy to show love to our friends.

This year you could make a friend happy with a 1 month membership to fuckforforest.com member pages and help us support more ecological projects around the world.

Please send a donation of 10 € to fuckforforest Cultura sparbank (pb6800 st.olavs plass N-0130 Oslo) Account nr; 12542023870 Iban; NO93 1254 2023 870 Swift: DNBANOKK

Then write Leona@moralprod.com an e-mail with the name of the person making the donation and Name of the person that is going to receive the member ship. From what date it should start and of course the address where I should send the card to.

Every card will have its own special touch…







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