The Third Eye Moves To The Peruvian Amazon

Latest news on the magazine's rebirth in South America

28 Sep 2016


Dear Readers,

I am incredibly excited to share with you that The Third Eye has officially moved to the Peruvian Amazon!

The Amazon has been haunting my dreams and thoughts for a long time. The call to come here felt truly unstoppable.



After a very long trip starting in London, I flew over Lima heading towards the Amazonian city of Iquitos and watched as the landscape slowly shifted from desertic rocky mountains to lush rainforest. And suddenly – there it was. I caught my first glimpse of that incredible, iconic slithering river, the world’s mightiest river, surrounded by a seemingly infinite sea of emerald green forest. The Amazon. I will always remember the first time I saw it – my heart skipped a beat. Love at first sight!



I am so happy to be joining The Chaikuni Institute in my new role as Communications Coordinator in Iquitos, working in partnership with indigenous peoples for the protection of the Amazon rainforest and the defense of indigenous rights, in support of environmental and social justice. Check out The Chaikuni Institute website and connect to Chaikuni social media to stay up to date!

With so many of The Third Eye’s contributors coming from Latin America, it makes so much sense to now be based here. Over the next months, The Third Eye is likely to be less active online as I get settled in to life and work here. But soon The Third Eye will be relaunching its website! And with this comes plenty of exciting new collaborations!

This is a new chapter and adventure that is just beginning, and I can’t wait…

Blessings and Love from the Peruvian Amazon,

Sophie Pinchetti
Spirit-in-Chief of The Third Eye magazine


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