It's time to join Zsou to dance with the Javanese jungle spirits

2 Feb 2014

Admiral Byrd (2014) by Zsou, with video by Stevie Anderson. Colour, Sound, 1 min.


Here at The Third Eye, we’re infinite lovers of everything psychedelic. So it comes as no surprise that after seeing Zsou’s new single, The Third Eye fell quite in love! Recorded in the jungles of North Java / Indonesia, Admiral Byrd is the latest single from the transcendental musical duo known as ZSOU. Formed by musicians Mo Morris and Merrick Adams, ZSOU is a ritualistic ride into psychedelic horizons. United by their love for all things “esoteric and otherworldly”, as they put it, Morris and Adams are now set to release their newest single “Admiral Byrd“. Accompanied by a video by London based illustrator and video artist Stevie Anderson, Admiral Byrd is a heady trip filled with wild colours and soul. It conjures up the sweltering jungle, its shapes and colours dissolving into each other rhythmically to the heady mix of voodoo percussions and hypnotic vocals of of spiritual Javanese Sinden singer “ENDAH LARAS”. 

ADMIRAL BYRD by ZSOU will be released exclusively through LN-CC on March 17th and due for general release on March 24th on brand new imprint –  “ISLAND OF THE GODS“.


Text by Sophie Pinchetti


Artwork by Stevie Anderson for ZSOU's 'Admiral Byrd'
Artwork by Stevie Anderson for ZSOU’s ‘Admiral Byrd’

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