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OPENING THE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL GATES: Imix Jaguar's festival in the jungle of Palenque for the ending of the Long Count Mayan calendar

10 Sep 2012

Poster Courtesy of Imix Jaguar.
Poster Courtesy of Imix Jaguar.


We’ve all obsessively dreamt and imagined a million times the ending of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012. But now, the questions of where to be and where to go are escalating.

The Third Eye’s answer could only be Mexico…Starting with this festival: Popol Vuh Space Mother Ship.

In the first issue of The Third Eye, The Third Eye interviewed Mexican artist IMIX JAGUAR about his life, prophecies and philosophies – with shamanic scarfications in between. (To read the interview, click here). Internationally known for his work as psychedelic trance DVJ, Jaguar lives in the jungle near the ancient Mayan city of Palenque in Mexico. Amongst his initiatives, is his creation of Popol Vuh, an events organisation creating arts and music events at La Palapa in Palenque.

The Third Eye is now happy to announce that we will be presenting a special exhibition in the jungle at the festival!

I am now opening this space to let IMIX JAGUAR speak about the festival in his own words.

“As We Are Waiting For The Return Of The Ancient Mayas Elders…

We Prepare This Special Event For The Big Waiting Date Of The 21st December Of 2012… Popol Vuh.. A Festival of 2 Nights and 3 Days.. in The Magic Land Of Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico.. Bringing And Gathering The Energies To Make Everyone Of Us Find The Perfect Path For Our Destiny At This End Of Maya Calendar…

Popol Vuh in Collective With Big Promotors Of Partys And Festival From All Around The World..Works Together to Make This Dream For The People In Mexico And The Cosmic Visitors From All The Planet Come Truth..

Celebrating At One Week Before The End Of The Maya Calendar.. And Getting Ready In Community For The Born Of The New Era

At The Same Time Palenque Will Be The Place For The International Rainbow Gathering Where All The Great Vibes Will Come Together In This Special Dance Floor with a Unique Line Up Who We Are Working For Everyone Of Us…

These Are The Preparations For The Return Of The Cosmic Snake

and The Wait Of The Eternal Elders Of The Light…

A Special Night – 13/14 December, 2012 – The Geminids

The Geminids are the last major show of the year, producing up to 50 meteors per hour. As a general rule, the Perseids of August or December Geminids are usually the most prolific rains of the year. In 2012, the new moon ensures a good “show”.

The party Will Be Realised at 15 Mins From The Magic Mayan Temple Of The Tomb Of The Inscription Of The Lord Kinich Ahau Pakal Votan.. One Of The Most Important King Of The Mayas… ”


For all information and updates about the festival, visit: Popol Vuh Space Mother Ship.


Photography and Artworks by Imix Jaguar


Imix Jaguar by a waterfall near his home in the jungle of Palenque, Mexico.
Imix Jaguar by a waterfall near his home in the jungle of Palenque, Mexico.
Poster Courtesy of Imix Jaguar.
Poster Courtesy of Imix Jaguar.

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